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UV Light Sanitizer

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  • Kill up to 99.9% of germs

  • Eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses on the gadgets you use the most.
  • Sterilize in just 5 Minutes

  • Quickly sanitize frequently touched objects such as your phone, keys, work badge, earbuds and much more.
  • Keep Your Family Safe

  • Technology tested by Expert Microbiologist. Proven to kill MRSA, E.Coli, H1N1, Influenza and many more.

Stay Protected

Takes 5 minutes for you to destroy 99.9% of bacteria and viruses at the DNA level.
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How Dirty is your phone?

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"Easy to set up. Easy to use. Makes me feel like I’m keeping my family safe. Love Cleanifi so much everyone is getting one for Christmas!"

"In theses crazy times its great ot have a device that is proven to work. There are many out there, but Cleanifi is reliable and works great!"

"Gives me peace of mind! At a time when cleanliness and sanitization is of utmost importance. Very Happy to have Cleanifi in our home!"

"I love my Cleanifi! I have been buying them as gifts during this crazy time. There are no words to describe the piece of mind I get after using it!"