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11 Things You Should Do for Yourself During Self-Quarantine

1. Make an obstacle course

Time to be a kid again! We have tried this at the house, best 45 minutes of my life. The living room turned into a full-blown jungle gym. I felt like I was in a movie with dramatic leaps jumping from one couch to another. Just be sure to put all fragile items away, my dog decided to join us and broke our favourite vase. 


2. Paint a fun accent wall in your home

Choose that one wall, that you wish had more life, more presence in your home. Search up the flashiest and trendiest colours of 2020, of course you want to be in style. Get your paint and brushes ready, get to work! 


3. Text all the people in your phone you haven't talked to in at least a year.

We all have a group of people we no longer speak to. Maybe make amends for friendships that didn’t need to end but just ended for no reason. Obviously don’t text that ex that made your life a living hell. Better question yet, what are they still doing in your phone....

4. Netflix and Chill

We can only imagine the surge of new Netflix subscriptions right now, and for good reason. You can finally lose track of time binge-watching your fave Netflix series and no one can say anything about it! Maybe we should have confinements more often, perfect time to tick off all the goodies from your must-watch-hit list.

5. Work from home

Digital nomads will already be very well acquainted with the remote work schedule, but if you’re new to this 21st century trend, welcome to the at-home club. Making the transition ain’t always easy, but following a few simple guidelines can keep you on track with your daily to-do list. Our top tips? Plan a schedule (And stick to it), create your own dedicated office space, take regular breaks, and check in with your colleagues to stay connected and keep the team morale sky-high. God knows we need during this time. Ps: A productivity-provoking playlist goes a long way too..

6. Smash those fitness goals

Okay, so you can’t exactly hit the gym or yoga studio right now, but what you can do is find the perfect exercise class or fitness app online. The web is buzzing with inspirational fitness blogs and trainer videos full of fit peeps who can show you the battle ropes.

7. Cook up a storm

So your kitchen is kitted out with all the must have cooking gadgets, but you’re yet to get ’em dirty? Well, now’s the time to start living your best domestic life, because it’s never been more important to tuck into fresh produce, and most importantly, make the most of those home delivery services that bring all of the ingredients right to your doorstep. Stock up on everything from fruits and veggies. You may not be a cooking whizz, but there’s a-little thing called Youtube that might come in handy.

8. Host a quaran-tini party

Obviously we’re talking virtual parties here, but that doesn’t mean there needs to be any less alcohol involved, or any less people dancing on tables. Set a date, invite your mates, and all log into Zoom or Skype at the same time each week to catch up on all the isolation goss. The best but about theses virtual nights out? You can stay in your PJs and you don’t need to worry about catching a cab home…

9. Supercharge your CV

Whether you’ve been laid off work for a while or you simply have a few extra hours on your hands, there’s no better time to set-up your skills and add to your professional portfolio. Now, it doesn’t have to be a gruelling coding qualification or mind boggling maths class. You can learn about interior desigb, animal behaviour, and even mixology for your night cocktail hour. Check out Masterclass or Coursera for our faves, with course led by top universities and instructors from around the world. And if you don’t have time to study? Check out Blinkist and takeaway key ideas in just 15 minutes from 3000+ bestselling non-fiction books

10. Become a TikTok hit

Apparently, all of the cool kids are doing it. Parent-your kids will love getting you involved with their next TikTok dance routine (time to learn the Floss!) or go Coronaviral with your very own quarantine-themed production.

11. Virtually travel to Europe

Wanderlust got you good? Luckily, you can ‘tune’ to live webcams at some of Europe’s most popular destination. From the once-bustling Barcelona beach, to the Market Square in Bruges that’s typically teeming with tourists, or even Rome’s iconic Colosseum - watch in wonder, because you’ll likely never see these legendary locations as quiet as this ever again.

Stay safe, healthy and happy. 


Cleanifi Team. 

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