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Can UV-C Robots Help Against Germs?

Amazon built a roving robot that can eliminate germs in warehouses and Whole Food stores around the country

Wait what, UV-C Robots that destroy germs...

An Amazon spokesperson told 60 minutes that the fight against such germs and viruses was a big part of how Amazon can contribute to society.

As of right now there is no autonomous UV robot going around Whole Foods or Amazon warehouse but this can certainly be the case in the near future. 

We know that UVC light emits enough energy to literally shred the DNA of any microorganisms.

But why isn't this known and being used everywhere ? 

Firstly, we know that UV disinfecting technology has been around for a century and commonly used to disinfect drinking water. But we don’t see it outside or widely being used, that's because you need to point the UV lamp directly at the surface you'ret disinfecting and for a couple of minutes. 

However mainstreaming this in your local Walmart can be costly. It can cost up to $100,000 to install these UV lights in your average size Walmart.

A Danish company called UVD Robots have spent four years developing robotic disinfection systems to help hospitals and different office spaces. The robot is deployed in an area that wishes to be sanitized. The robot scans the environment, you then have to pin point some certain areas in which you want the robot to pass.  

Furthermore, once this is done the robot uses Mapping software and AI, to navigate accordingly through the room and sanitizing the designated spots. It has built in sensors for motion and shutting off the UV lights if it sees a person. It takes about 10-15 minutes to disinfect a certain room. 

There is no question of if we will see UV-C robots in our day to day lives, the question is when, which these robots costing between $60,000 - $80,000 certain budgets must be allocated for these machines. 

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