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How Does UV-C Technology Actually work?

UV-C Is a non visible light. The difference between visible and non-visible lights are calculated by their wavelengths which determines the energy levels that they have. 

The shorter the wavelength the higher the energy and vice-versa. 

As humans we are to see visible lights from 700 to 400 nanometers in wavelength. 

UV stands for Ultraviolet.  it is called Ultraviolet because it is just beyond the color violet on the light spectrum.

Ultraviolet light is emitted by the sun, UVA and UVB (280-400nm) are responsible for sun tanning and sun burning. 


UVC, having a shorter wavelength, can actually penetrate cells and cause damage to the DNA of those cells.This damage leads to the inactivation of microorganisms in water or any other surface. (We're talking about microscopic environments that have macro side-effects)

**NOTE: UVC is harmful to microorganisms, it can also be harmful to humans as well, we suggest to keep it away from your skin and eyes whenever the bulb is on. 


UVC light inactivates microorganisms by damaging their genetic material (DNA) and stopping them from reproducing and growing larger. 

To completely stop these microorganism from growing, there must be a certain dose of UV light, that can effectively get the job done. 

That is why we came up with Cleanifi Sterilizing Kit. With lights both at the top and bottom, at close distance to our phone, we can completely sanitize our phone in 6 minutes. 

This might seem all overwhelming but don't worry, we were once clueless about the benefits of UV-C Technology. We thought the way you keep essentials such as your phone, clean, would be to wash your hands. This was not the case.

When we started CleanifiⓇ we we're absolutely clueless about the benefits of UV-C Technology.


We just saw that the world was getting hit with the biggest pandemic we've ever seen. All from microscopic events...

We decided that we wanted to start a brand, a movement around staying clean. (Micro and Macro). The idea that we can overcome these microscopic warfares of germs, bacteria and viruses by just keeping our daily essentials clean.

The Smartphone is our main focus. It has become our third hand, but we never seem to wash it.

Think about it, what is the first thing you reach for when you wake up? How about after or even during meals? In the bathroom? 

We already touch so many things throughout the day and our phone, is coming in contact with everything our hands are touching. 

So we decided to come up with a way that you effectively clean your phone from all bacterias and viruses. Keeping all 3 of your hands clean... 😂


Introducing CleanifiⓇ

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