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How many times do we touch our phones every day?

It sometimes feel like our phones function like an extra limb on our bodies. Something like our third hand!

We actually did some digging and found exactly how attached to the devices we really are. 

The typical cellphone user touches his or her phone 2617 times every day… 

And on top of that, it’s just the average user; the same study found that extreme cellphone users - meaning the top 10% - touch their phones more than 5,400 times daily. According to a study by research firm Dscout 

Apple even confirmed that its device users unlock their phones about 80 times every day.

We clearly have an addictive relationship with our phones. Worst then a toxic relationship I had with one of my exes… and it was pretty bad....

...but the worst part isn’t that we touch our phones so much, it’s the fact that we bring them literally everywhere.

From our beds to work, friend's house, friends hand's, bathrooms and literally anywhere you can think of.

“Because people are always carrying their cellphones even in situations they would normally wash their hands before doing anything, cell phones do tend to get pretty gross” Says Emily Martin, assistant professor of epidemiology at the university of Michigan School of public health.

Recent Study found more than 17,000 bacterial gene copies on the phones of high school students. As well as carrying 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats.

You know those bathroom handles filled with bacteria, the ones that leave that oily feeling on your hand? Well yeah, we are grabbing that, touching our phones, then washing our hands then touching our phones again. See what happened there….

  1. Avoid Touching your phone 5,400 times a day. No one needs to touch their phone that much. Research shows that the high frequency cell phone users tend to have higher anxiety and lower satisfaction with life. Reducing your usage can actually make you happier :) 
  2. Wash your hands frequently.
  3. Start and end your day with a 99.99% cleaner phone using our Cleanifi Starter Pack! 

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