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How Will Back To School Look Like?

This year nothing about going back to school will be typical while the coronavirus is spreading across the country.

But how will this school year look for elementary, middle schools and high schools..

Firstly, let us answer the questions, “Is it safe to send my kids back to school?”

In short, “We don’t know.. Says Jeffrey Shaman, an infectious disease expert at Columbia University. We know that according to the “CDC” 7% of all Covid cases across the country are children with most of them asymptomatic. 

The biggest fear is that a child may pick up the virus at school and bring it back home to parents and grandma! 

What can be done? How will schools deal with this new pandemic? 

In normal times about 54 children can ride a bus at once, enforce social distancing rules from the federal government, and you are left with about 8-10 kids per bus. A huge decrease from 54. 

When arriving at school premises, staff and teachers will most likely check for any running temperature or similar symptoms. Adults that bring their kids to school will be asked to wait  behind a barrier. Limiting the number of visitors going in and out of schools each day will play a major role in keeping the virus outside of schools.

The hardest part of this new world that we are living in is the Elementary schools. Young children are most energetic, want to play with friends during recess. Plus most members of school boards agree that it isn't realistic to ask a child to wear a mask all day.

...but limiting class size drastically will help. Teachers can be asked to wear face shields, seeing an adults mouth while talking helps children learn and understand better. 

Institutions and certain districts around the country will get large sums of investments, for cleaning products and hygiene supplies. Hand sanitizers, portable air filters and UV sanitizers.

In middle schools and high schools, districts are spending hundreds of dollars to put in place air circulation systems as well as air filtration systems. Each desk can have plexiglass dividers and online learning will be promoted even in classrooms, while the teacher will lecture in the front.

That said, a new challenge is ahead for all of us. Most schools will reopen in September but ultimately the crucial part is to make sure the school systems react quick and close before an outbreak can occur. 

There is a lot of pressure, from parents to keep some kids home safe, but do recognize that a solution must be put in place to deal with it adequately.

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