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The Grimy Truth


In recent years, these cell phones have been with us all throughout the day. People take their phones everywhere, to dinner, to bed, even to the bathroom! You might be surprised just how filthy your cell phone is, experts believe that your cell phone can surpass by 10x your toilet seat. Gross! It’s also dirtier than the bottom of your shoes. 

What We Touch, Our Phone Collects

As discussed already, people bring their phones to many bacteria prone places. This can be very tricky when individuals work in food service industry, this presents a public safety risk.

Though microbes and germs are everywhere we go, and not all these microbes are negative, most of these bacterias are nothing to worry about. But there are some harmful pathogens that can be passed onto the surface of our cellphones from coughing or touching a contaminated hand.

Throughout our busy days, going to the office, school or shopping in stores, we encounter all sorts of subway poles, sinks, toilets, and desks. All these carry germs which are then picked up by our hands. These bacteria are easily transferred to our phone which are handled often throughout our days.

Our Phone Can Make Us Sick
Though some people are diligent about washing their hands, they often don’t think to wash or disinfect other items they touch daily, such as cell phones. Microbiologist¹ found that bacteria stick the most with hard, non-porous surfaces, just like our screen on our phones.

What to Do About it

Every industry should have phone policies in place. This is most important in the medical industry as well as the food service industry. The proper use of cleaners and disinfectants is of the utmost importance. 

Snow Teeth Whitening

Cell phones can spread a variety of germs quickly and easily; however, by utilizing cleaning tools and sticking to a cleaning and disinfecting schedule, people can reduce the chance for contamination and slow the spread of dangerous diseases but following policies put in place. 

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