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Frequently Asked Questions

How Dirty is My Phone?

Clinicaly proven fact – your phone could be a reason for viruses and diseases you may have.

Number of clinical researches have proven that there are 17,000 bacterial gene copies on a phone of an average person. Scientists at the University of Arizona have found that cell phones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats. As we touch our phones thousands of times per day – those bacteria and viruses are carried out to our food, body and other people (Time Magazine)
How Does Cleanifi work?
Cleanifi uses an advanced Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation disinfection method that uses ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms, such as viruses or bacteria by destroying and disrupting their DNA. The use of UV sterilization has been scientifically proven to be extremely effective, killing over 99.99% of viruses and bacteria in a matter of minutes. Cleanifi is the most advanced and easiest way to remove bacteria from your phone and keep you healthy.
Can I Keep the Case On My Phone?
Yes! In fact, we encourage you to keep your phone case on your phone while you use any of the Cleanifi units. Most of the bacteria on our hands is passed to our phone cases. Each Cleanifi unit was designed to fit your phone with the case on. If you have a thick case with additional accessories like a socket or stand, please refer to the dimensions on each product page to make sure it will meet your needs.
Is Cleanifi Safe for my Phone?
Yes, Cleanifi products are completely safe for your phone! Cleanifi doesn’t use water or chemicals – it uses UV-C light. UV light kills germs but doesn’t harm you or your device. This light is completely safe for anything you place inside – except germs.
UV light can potentially cause discoloration with continuous, prolonged exposure to lightly pigmented plastics. However, it would take many continuous hours of exposure to have this effect, similar to leaving your phone exposed to the sun over a consistently prolonged duration. Our products were designed with this in mind. When you close the lid of your unit, the UV lights will turn on for pre-programmed amount of time and automatically shut off when done. This is more than enough time to completely sanitize your devices and kill all the germ, but it is never enough time to damage your gadgets. You can feel confident your phone and tablets are safe inside, but the germs are not!
Can Cleanifi Clean Anything Else?
While Cleanifi was created with phones in mind, you can use it to sanitize just about anything. If you can fit it inside, Cleanifi will sanitize it.
Is Cleanifi Safe for Hospitals?
Yes! Hospitals and healthcare locations all over the country use Cleanifi to stop the spread of illness-causing bacteria carried by smartphones and tablets. The UV-C light technology inside Cleanifi was first used to disinfect environments like hospitals. Cleanifi is used in nursing stations, waiting rooms, NICUs, and many other types of medical facilities.
How Do I Return My Defective Product?
Step1: Please send us a video of the product and its defects to support@cleanifi.co. Our team will review your case in the following 1-2 business days. Step 2: After review, one of our technicians will get on a call to resolve the issue. Step 3: If still not resolved after the call, Cleanifi will send you a prepaid return label to retrieve the defective item. Must be shipped back to us 7 days after receiving the prepaid label. Step 4: After we receive the defective item we will send you out a new one. .
I Received The Wrong Item, What Do I Do?
Step 1: Please send us a photo of the product(s) and your order number to support@cleanifi.co. Our team will review your case in the following 1-2 business days. Step 2: After review, our team will send you a prepaid return label. Must be shipped back to us 7 days after receiving the prepaid label. Step 3: After we receive the item(s) back into our facility, we will send you out the correct item(s). .
How Do I Cancel My Order?
We accept cancellation in the first 60 minutes of your order confirmation. Any other requests for cancellation will be denied.